The church of St John the Baptist in Burford is a Grade 1* listed building that welcomes over 100,000 visitors each year, making it one of the top 10 visited churches in the country.

Building work began in 1175 and was complete by 1500, probably on the site of an earlier church. The early work is most evident around the West Door, which has been dated at 1175 The wood and ironwork is original. The tower also dates from this period, although it was much smaller.
Most of the building work was completed in the fifteenth century, including the addition of the spire. This was not without drama as ambition overcame caution and the whole tower started to move. Evidence of the shoring up process can be seen at the base of the tower and modern surveying techniques are employed to monitor any further movement. 
The tiled floor was added in Victorian times, much to the dismay of William Morris, who was horrified by the addition.
Modern adaptations include a small kitchen, toilet facilities and improved lighting, but little else had changed in the last 500 years.

See below for a video that shows the construction history of Burford Church that we have kindly been granted permission to use.