The PCC or Parochial Church Council is a body of people which represents the church and which meets together about 6 times a year for discussion and decision-making on church matters. In addition to the vicar and other clergy of the parish, the PCC consists of the Churchwardens, Deanery Synod representatives, some co-opted members and a number of elected members of the congregation. Elections of churchwardens and council members take place each year at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) where the church Annual Report is also discussed.
Our current PCC members are:          

                                                                                    Richard Coombs
                                                                                    Cedric Reavley
                                                                                    Robert Wainwright
                                                                                    John Leach (LLM)
                                                                                    Tom Douglas (Treasurer)
Church Wardens
                                                                                    Andrew Butcher
                                                                                    Jane Poulson
Deanery Synod
                                                                                    Sue McCrossan
                                                                                    Kevin Rillie
                                                                                    Gaynor Taylor
Elected Members
                                                                                    Jenny Cridge-Raven
                                                                                    David Berkely
                                                                                    Trevor Hames
                                                                                    Ian Johnson
                                                                                    Penelope Kettle
                                                                                    Robert Lind
                                                                                    Kyle McFarlane
                                                                                    Sally Ormiston (Secretary)
                                                                                    Janey Petterson
                                                                                    Paul Petterson
                                                                                    Roy Tarbox
                                                                                    Lindsey Worvill