To know Christ and to make him known

The 11am service follows a sermon series throughout the term and the details can be found below. From September, the weekly 9.15am service will follow the same format and the same sermon will be preached at both.

11am Sermon Series

“What’s so amazing about Jesus?”       
1st May        Luke 9:51-62            His Challenge
8th May        Luke 10:1-12            His Disciples
15th May      Luke 10:25-37          His Care
22nd May     Luke 10:38-41          His Priorities
29th May      Luke 11:1-13            His Prayer

5th Jun        Luke 11:14-28           His Enemy
12th Jun      Luke 11:29-36           His Sign
19th Jun      Luke 11:37-53           His Woes
26th Jun      Luke 12:13-21           His Warning

“Singing about…”
3rd Jul         Psalm 24                    The King of Glory
10th Jul       Psalm 25                    Trust
17th Jul       Psalm 27                    Protection
24th Jul       Psalm 32                    Forgiveness
31st Jul       Psalm 34                    Deliverance

“Living by Faith”
7th Aug       Hebrews 11:1-16             We can be sure of the unseen
14th Aug     Genesis 4:1-16                 Abel offered a better sacrifice
21st Aug     Genesis 4:17-26,5:21-24  Enoch left this life
28th Aug     Genesis 6:1-22                 Noah built an ark